Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sephora gets Social

Beauty aficionadas know that Sephora is launching its new site at and to do so it has a promotion and of course in the social media obsessed world in which we live, this page really redirects to Sephora's Facebook Page It is intriguing, this growing intertwined and incestuous relationship between different web channels. There is a common adage now that websites are information and social media is for interacting. Where does the distinction lie? Is the knowledge economy where website launches could be a gala events dead? And has it been replaced by an interaction industry? An ever increasing issue not just for marketing execs but for business itself is how to find the right balance Online. Carving out the appropriate roles for twitter, facebook, Google Plus, pinterest and your good old website, are essential to your Online value proposition (and that means value proposition period... Remember the days when we argued about Brick and Mortar v Online)

In the ecosystem of social interaction online, where do the niches lie? What's next?

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